Wooden Furniture saves your house and our future!

Good Quality Furniture Lasts for Centuries
Good Quality Furniture Lasts for Centuries

Why is buying wooden furniture good for your home but best of all for our environment? Because the stuff literally grows on trees! When a piece of wooden furniture is becoming a bit old and shabby looking you can easily recycle it to make a new modern piece. Buying plastic’s and metals can seriously harm the environment through its process of destruction. Even though wooden furniture is recyclable the human population still needs to continue planting and rationing forest’s so we can keep on using one of the world’s greatest elements.

Wood is a beautiful thing for making a home; it’s strong, versatile and very attractive. Here are a few examples of how to make the best out of your home with different kinds of woods and furniture.

Sonata Walnut Dining table

The heart of every house is the dining table; it’s a time when the family gathers round after a productive day and builds their family relationship through talking and eating. Nothing would be more traditional than having a dining table that was made by hand and the finest wood. Notation Furniture provide a walnut sourced table from managed plantations, that meaning everything is official and accepted by law and government. Telling children about environmentally friendly furniture can ensure that our future generations will continue with our eco-friendly purchases.

Oak Double Bed Frames

A sustainable solid wooden bed frame is needed in every bedroom, the bed acts as the centre piece to the entire room so getting it right is essential. Bed frames that are coated with non-toxic stains and painted finishes are going to be the easiest and eco-friendly fit with any décor. This design is ideal for anyone who is looking for that vintage, warm and organic look for your bedroom.

The Wooden Bookcase

The wooden bookcase is an absolute sophisticated and timeless classic which personally will never go out of fashion. It saves the environment because pieces like bookcases get passed down from generation to generation and before you know it, it’s worth a small fortune! Look at is as an investment rather than something to take up space in your living room. Notation’s Oak Wooden Bookcase is environmentally friendly and great to start up your own mini library!

If the world looks after it, wood will forever be a priceless commodity. So we need to cherish and look at it by displaying it in our humble abodes. Next time you come across a forest just think by keeping your wooden furniture for years and years you could save many more generations of tree’s and life for everybody else!

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