Things to do with Cardboard Tubes

Cardboard Tube Wall
Cardboard Tube Wall
If you happen to get your hands on industrial toilet-roll tubes or (in this particular case) packaging material rolls, don’t throw them away. Those sturdy cardboard tubes make an amazing material for various lovely DIY things.

This practical cardboard wall was spotted in the office of the clothing company by
The recycled wall looks good and it is practical because a certain number of rolls can be pulled out thus facilitating hanging certain things.

The biggest challenge is cleaning this wall. I guess you need a very powerful vac for that job.

Apparently, it took 750 cardboard tubes to make this original wall. Fixing it together shouldn’t be too difficult. Note the wooden stopper at the end of the wall. The tubes can be fixed together with an eco friendly glue – just remember to leave some tubes loose so that you can pull them out and push them back in again.

Look at the heap of shoeboxes in the background. I bet they’re going to find some good use for those as well.

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