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The Fossil Cabin
The Fossil Cabin
What do you do if your hobby has gone too far, if you’re just yearning to kick it, get rid of it for good? It’s all right if you collect stamps – you just sell them (or chuck them as they seem to have lost the value) but what if the visible result of your hobby forms a shameful heap in the middle of your garden?

Simple! You use the stuff to build a house. At least that’s what amateur palaeontologist Thomas Boylen did when he realised that what he has on his hands is a big dud.

He was busying himself excavating fragments of dinosaur skeletons for almost 20 years. Boylen’s hope was to collect enough fossil material to build a complete dinosaur skeleton. Unfortunately, it seemed that Wyoming was inhabited by all possible types of large and small dinosaurs.

So the enthusiastic palaeontologist ended up with body parts belonging to different dinosaurs and although he could have gone all funny by constructing a non-existent dinosaur, he decided to have a more serious approach and kick his habit by using the bone fragments to build a house. It took him 5796 bone fragments to finish the house.

Majority of fossil material is as hard (or even harder) as rock and makes a good material. I can see the professional palaeontologists fainting, so I’ll better stop. You can find the house, now called the Fossil Cabin Museum, it can be found not far from a little town called Medicine Bow. If you happen to be in Wyoming, by all means pay this ultimate recycled house a visit.

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