Renewable Sources of Energy for Your Home

combination boiler
If you have been considering more sustainable sources of energy to power your home, taking that step is a big move to make that requires careful thought and consideration. Understanding how renewable energy works is important to ensure that you are making a choice that suits your and your family, as well as the environment. If you would like to get a comprehensive breakdown of the renewable sources to you in Scotland, visit Geo Living for more info on renewable energy Edinburgh and beyond.

Finding the right renewable solution can be confusing but the options all have their own benefits and all will qualify for lower VAT as well as the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

Looking to make your home more sustainable? Here are a range of different renewable energy solutions for the home that you should consider:

  • High efficiency boilers – high efficiency condensing gas boilers are becoming a popular choice with homeowners because they are able to increase efficiency by as much 10-12%, saving bill payers a great deal of money in the long run.
  • Solar panels – solar panels can be used to provide both solar energy which can be used to power the entire home, as well as direct solar heating which uses energy from the sun to warm domestic hot water stored in a cylinder. Solar energy can help you reduce utility bills all year round and they also qualify for the government’s money back incentive.
  • Underfloor heating – this has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners in the UK. Due to its low operating costs, underfloor heating is already heating many homes in the country today. This solution is cost effective, able to create an even distribution of heat in the home, great for eliminating dust mites and other parasites, able to reduce energy bills by up to 40% and is also a good solution for reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, there is also a reduced problem with noise disturbances in the home when compared to traditional radiators.
  • Renewable heat pumps – ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps are able to extract heat from the outside air or heat from the ground to power the heating systems in your home. Heat pumps are great because they can offer you a consistent indoor temperature while lowering your monthly utility bills. Generally, the heat pumps are low cost when it comes to maintenance and can help you save money by keeping your VAT as low as 5%.

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