Refuge du Gouter – Knocking on the Heaven’s Door

Refuge de Gouter
Refuge de Gouter

Now, I hope you don’t have vertigo because this hotel is really high up there. When it comes to altitude, this hotel is head and shoulders above any other guest establishment in the world. It was built on a slope of Mont Blanc in French Alps and sits 3.8km above the sea level.

Stunning views are guaranteed, but it is also an architectural triumph. The Refuge du Gouter was built in collaboration between an engineer Thomas Buchi and an architect Hervé Dessimoz.

Although it seems as if the hotel would be about to fall into abyss, it is actually very sturdy. Well, the clue is in the previous paragraph – it required an experienced engineer to come up with a solution for a building that could withstand the severe weather of Alps. Its shape is very clever, the snow doesn’t stick to the building so that the construction doesn’t suffer from the extra weight.

It is also a proper eco building – the energy and heating is provided by solar panels and wind generators. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of wind and sunshine up there.

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