Meshad Belouch – Persian Rug


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Meshad Belouch Persian rug from Iran. 100% wool, hand woven product of Iran. Belouch rugs are hand-made by nomadic tribes in Iran. The word denominates an umbrella term for nomads in this area of Persia. Belouch carpets are made using similar methods to the ones used in neighbouring countries of Afganistan and Turkmenistan. It’s important to understand the difference between Meshad Belouch and Herat Belouch. The former comes from Iran while the later originates from Afganistan.

The colour palette tends to be dark and sombre mainly concentrating around maroon, navy blue and earth tones. Belouch patterns are geomatrical featuring Tree of Life in various expressions. The main purpose for a traditional Belouch rug is a prayer carpet. Today the carpets have found their way into interior design for modern homes. Although most Meshad belouch carpets are thin, they are very dense and tightly woven.

Length: 197cm
Width: 100cm

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