Planning Changes in England – Alarming or Necessary?

The Government has come up with the most extensive and controversial planning guidelines since the 1950s. Brace yourself for big changes. The question is, will these planning changes keep us all happy?

The easiest approach is just to condemn the Government because… well, because everyone’s doing it, however, if you look at house prices in Britain, you’ll soon realise that something’s not quite right. You can hardly buy a decent semi-detached home and have a lot of change from £160,000. In Germany and France you can get the same footage of habitable space for roughly half the price. Half the price!!! And it’s not that our salaries are twice as big as on the continent.

Beautiful English Countryside
Beautiful English Countryside

One of the main reasons for the property prices being so high is the deficiency of suitable housing. There are other factors like the lack of cheap mortgages and the imbalance of property ownership due to the fact that so many homes are simply serving as cash-cows for “serial” landlords but it is obvious that if we built more houses, we could bring the much needed stability in the UK property market.

On the other hand there is the environmental issue. New development potentially comes with hazard to the environment. What we really need is a perfect harmony between development and sustainability. There’s an early indication that the new planning policy or National Planning Policy Framework as it’s called, will have what’s needed to keep both sides happy.

What’s in the new National Planning Policy Framework?

The changes in planning guidelines were needed to kick-start the development. It’s good both for the economic development and for the building industry as such. The most controversial bit in the planning guidelines is the possibility to develop the land that’s previously stood empty. What’s not acceptable is if the new regulations will harm the unique ecosystem of Britain. However, after the loud outcry from various environmental organisations, including the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the plans have been “greenified”.

Compared to an earlier version, the biggest change is a removal of a default “yes” to development. It would have been far too easy to misinterpret meaning many beautiful spots of our countryside being converted into building sites. That’s something that we shouldn’t worry about any more.

According to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the latest version of NPPF incorporate a clearer definition of sustainable development. The countryside and protection of biodiversity will come first when making decisions of whether to allow development on a particular site or not.

We’ll have to keep an eye on how the new plan works in real life, however, all in all, it is good news. It may be an important step towards economical recovery.

One Comment on “Planning Changes in England – Alarming or Necessary?”

  1. We have 2 hetaches of residential land which had a house on it, the the council reported to us that! It has been squatted and trashed, and “In there Private
    opinion it is not worth contesting and getting compationate leave to challenge our decision, to have it made unfit for human habitation, and we are placing a medical order on it”

    So they pulled it down, adising us that we could and apply for planning permission to rebuild, but have been refused three tome with 3 different reasons, under the old the on planning laws.

    Most of the over site is still in place and the bricks and tiles have never been taken away.

    My husband passed away after trying to fight the decsion by the intransit planners.

    Because it is surrounded in open country side. the move the green belt to closer to the village.

    However I intend under the new NPPF 2016 to employ a architect to design high class econ friendly house to keep within the frame work and surroundings, not to look out of place and not allow the aechitect to go over the top with design.

    But somehow the planners will search out a reason to say YES! then search for a reason to say NO! They must obey the law and take onboard the new NPPF!

    Bring on 2017 and not wait until the election because it will all change back again!

    The planner and the council members on the planning commitee, have made my husbands land worthless.

    They should be made to earn there living.

    This country needs to move forward, with the population living longer, and immigration ingreasing by the month, they should be paid by first past the post, on the new NPPF and not ruin peoples lives

    Your Fair comments Please

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