Philosophy of Green Home Design

To be very honest with you, green living is much of a fad, latest fashion. It is also about business. Companies selling green products are making huge amounts of money selling us the whole idea of climate change and apocalypses.

So should we continue wasting resources like mad? I believe in the idea of green home design. Do you? People have walked a long road towards scientific progress but as they are approaching that ever fading goal, they’re increasing the gap between themselves and the nature.

The way you can look at green home design is that it is lots of fun, you can involve your family in planning the whole thing and you can do some good old DIY. Is there anything else apart from sore thumbs and closer family ties? Yes, you’re saving money in the long run and you’re helping to preserve the planet for the next generations.

Choosing a greener lifestyle you embrace the harmony. You cannot deny that there is harmony and serenity in the way that nature exists. We are a part of that existence, though we don’t own it.

So, what is this green home design all about?

  • Green architecture – understanding how to fit the new project into the environment by enhancing the natural landscape, not spoiling it.
  • Landscaping – understanding your garden and stopping using chemical fertilizers and insecticides.
  • Improving the living space. Rebuilding an inefficient dwelling into a sustainable home.
  • Using the right materials in right combinations and avoiding materials that pose a health hazard or that had been sourced unethically.
  • Becoming more energy efficient and energy-aware. Choosing the right gadgets for your home and saving energy.
  • Learning about new developments and trying to implement them. Solar batteries are around for years yet only few households install them.

Generally, sustainable living makes much sense, it allows you to live a meaningful and conscious life by wholly enjoying it.

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