Now is the Time to Install Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

With the conventional gas and electricity prices on an inevitable rise, the question of sustainable energy future is on the agenda of many families. Although just a few years ago solar panels were considered scientific fiction, today thousands of households in Britain are benefiting from green electricity. It’s been made available through the FIT (feed-in tariff) scheme that was introduced in Britain in 2011. This Government’s scheme pays cash for every kilowatt of green energy that is produced by the household. Further money is paid by energy companies for surplus energy that is fed back into the grid.

When starting the FIT scheme, it was understood that the solar panel bonanza wouldn’t last forever. The scheme was introduced to counteract the excessive retail price of solar panels. Now, as the manufacturing of the photovoltaics has gone mainstream, the prices are falling (more than 30% during the last year) and obviously the Government is keen on putting a limit on the FITs.

Recently a lobby group challenged the Government’s decision to cut the tariffs this year. The court hearing will begin 15 December 2011. Regardless of what the court finds, the solar panels will inevitably pay less in the future. A certainty is that another significant cut is expected in March 2016 so if you want to benefit from the FITs, it’s the right time to get the solar panels installed on your roof.

One of the companies that can be recommended for doing the installation is Intelligent Energy Solutions – one of the leading renewable energy companies in the UK that supply and install a range of solar panels and heat pumps for homes and businesses and have recently been awarded the title of “Installer of the Year 2011” at the Renewable Energy Awards.

The judges commented that Intelligent Energy Solutions was awarded the accolade because of its depth of knowledge and praised their expansion plans including a new franchise involving likeminded individuals and offering them the opportunity of starting their own business backed by the extensive knowledge and facilities of Intelligent Energy Solutions.

Many people view solar panels as a good investment – considering that the FIT payments are guaranteed for 25 years, you can see a return on investment measured at 8% – much more than a bank can give you right now. Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend money upfront, you can get solar panels on finance. Not only the FIT payments will cover the monthly repayments, you still get to enjoy free electricity that it generates. Only as it stands now, you have to hurry before the FIT payments are reduced again end of March 2012.

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