Mustreads! Recommended Green Articles

In this section I’m trying to summarise the most important blogposts and articles I’ve written so far. These are some pillar green articles that you simply cannot afford to miss 🙂

  • Vertical Farms – Solution to overpopulation or utter madness?
  • Architectural Salvage Yards – What if you could get building materials really cheap plus make a difference for the environment?
  • Home Improvements – Get it wrong and you lose money!
  • Carbon Offset – If you don’t want to commit to building 100% green at least do something for the Nature!
  • Eco Foundations – How to avoid concrete by using plynths and screwpiles.
  • House Prices – Thinking about investing in property abroad? Read this first.
  • Cave Houses – Let us go back in caves and forget the progress.
  • Straw Bale – Another cheap and quick way to build eco houses.
  • In Grid – How they built a house that harmonises with Nature.
  • Eco Tiny House – You do want to see what’s inside, don’t you?
  • Paper Consumption – How much paper do you use?
  • Earth Sheltered – is building bunkers under the earth a good idea?
  • Top 10 Green Ways – Read this and make your house greener
  • Build Big – Want plenty of space in your house? Don’t feel guilty about it.