Magic Flat Bulbs with Light Emitting Capacitor

Flat Lite Being Handled
Flat Lite Being Handled

Something new and revolutionary is brewing in USA. Flat Lite Bulb is a new invention providing a smarter solution for home and industrial lighting. Flat lite is a flexible flat sheet that, well… emits light. It works based on light emitting capacitors (LEC) and it can come in any sizes and shapes. The company actually boasts LEC provides the whitest light of all, but, hey, you can always add your own touch by applying tinted transparent films or even posters over a LEC sheet.

The new bulb can be powered both via a socket or a battery, so it can also be utilized in mobile things like cars and vans. This has a huge potential in home design too, think how we could transform the surfaces by applying light where it is needed.

The maker claims that materials and technologies used are not listed as dangerous and can be handled as non-hazardous waste. What about energy consumption then? I will update you on that soon. More tests should be made but so far it looks very promising. Visit flat lite bulb to learn more.

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