Incorporating eco-friendly furniture into your home

At a time when a large number of people are looking to become more environmentally friendly in the home, the right kind of furniture to buy is something that should be given careful consideration. As more and more manufacturers are opting for greener practices, it is now much easier to purchase environmentally friendly furniture for the home.

Most furniture is purchased with the intention of it lasting for many years and it is a good idea to invest in eco-friendly options, as these are made from sustainable materials and do not contain any toxic chemicals that can harm the environment.

Ercol Renaissance
Ercol Renaissance

Benefits of eco-friendly furniture

Anyone who has spent time looking for eco-friendly products of any type will know that they are not always the cheapest on the market, and it can therefore be surprising to learn that there are plenty of eco-friendly furniture options that are lighter on the wallet than some other types of furniture. Eco-friendly also has the benefit of being a label applied to second-hand or ‘upcycled’ furniture, as it is easier on the environment if the homeowner can make use of something that has a history rather than opting to buy a new piece.

What is eco-friendly furniture?

When shopping for eco-friendly furniture it is a good idea to look for certain phrases in the product descriptions. ‘Certified sustainable wood’ is a good starting point when looking for tables and chairs, as this means that the wood has come from a properly-managed forest and that other trees are being planted as replacements for those felled. The materials used also need careful consideration. Bamboo, for example, is actually a grass rather than a wood and can be used for a variety of home furnishings. Bamboo is considered to be a very environmentally-friendly material, which an increasing number of manufacturers are now making more use of.

Something else to consider is low-toxicity furniture. The term low-toxicity means that the furniture has not been treated with toxic substances and will therefore not release any harmful chemicals into the air. This helps to maintain good air quality within the home and possibly avoids any negative health effects to the occupants. Second-hand furniture usually falls into this category, as the age of the piece means that there are no longer any potentially harmful substances being emitted.

Some modern designers are reclaiming materials such as wood from discarded furniture and from refitted buildings in order to create a new product.

A furniture buyer should also consider what happens to the furniture when it is no longer needed. Can it be taken apart and the materials be reused for something else? This will prevent the item from being sent to a landfill site, making it a far more environmentally-friendly choice.

When shopping for new furniture, consider the Ercol furniture range. This type of furniture is known for being durable and well made, and has been popular with homeowners since the company was established in the 1920s. Some of this furniture has a very vintage appearance, which is extremely popular at the moment, and the homeowner can be both stylish and eco-friendly in their choice of furniture pieces. Ercol furniture is widely available and is a great choice for those who want to live a greener lifestyle.

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