How to improve your home insulation for winter


The winter will slowly but surely be creeping its way through our windows within the next couple of months. It’s a good idea to start preparing your home now, you need to to wrap up and also save money!

A case study shows that 25% of the energy used to heat our homes can be lost through the roof and 35% of energy can be lost through faulty cavity wall insulation. The small investment of immediate insulation between rafters in your roof and walls can reduce annual energy bills up to 75% and also keep the eco-system happy as well.

From the help of Mark Group here are some tips on how to plan out the best insulation in your home for the winter.

Loft Insulation

The more obvious type of insulation…If everyone in the UK installed 270mm of loft insulation a year we could save around £520 million and nearly £3 million tons of CO2 every year. The biggest worry about loft insulation is the traditional rolls of itchy fibreglass insulation. You’d be itching for hours and hours until you think “Getting insulation is just a chore and a pain!” There is some good news however! Modern insulation companies such as Mark Group have come across a more environmentally friendly mineral fibre that doesn’t itch and is laid between and across the joists in your loft like the traditional fibreglass insulation. The main factor about loft insulation is that it’s affordable and easily done within two to three hours. For a modern day house there are no excuses on why you shouldn’t have loft insulation, it is a necessity.

Cavity Wall Insulation

A huge 10% more of heat energy is evaporated into the air if a house doesn’t have cavity wall insulation. Altogether that’s 60% of our household heat wasted every day. That 60% of wasted energy could be saved to boost the planets eco-system, if every house in every street is not using loft and wall insulation just think about the amount of energy that is wasted and not being used safely and ecologically. Cavity wall insulation is reasonably cheap depending on your circumstances and could make a hell of a change to the world and your financial pocket.

Whole Home Approach

Mark Group have a really good theory of the ‘Whole Home’ Approach. If you’re going to dabble in home insulation for the winter, it is encouraged to do your bit for the environment and go the whole mile with it. Don’t just concentrate on one area of your property, do your entire home and make it as energy efficient as possible. Think about Solar hot water, Solar electricity, heating controls etc!

Install your insulation and watch your pocket grow and the world grow.

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