Green Improvements to Sell Your House

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and you want your house to stand out in the market, then why not consider making your home greener. Not many think that green updates will make it stand out, but there are several reasons why it will. Even one green feature, let alone several, will make a property stick in a potential buyer’s mind, and you can use it as a selling point- their future bills will be cheaper too.

So what can you do?

Water-saving Features

High efficiency toilets are a great way to save yourself (and the future owners) money when it comes to the water bills. They could reduce your water usage by up to 60%. If you also install high efficiency faucets and showerheads you’ll cut down the amount of water you use, but not the performance or comfort.

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Efficient Heating

A programmable thermostat means that it’s easy to manage the heating system- you can decide when you want heat and when you don’t.

Better Windows and Doors

Double, or even triple glazing, can stop heat escaping from the house and can help save money. They are a great feature to point out if they are new. PVC or fibreglass doors can offer better insulation that a wooden one, as well as better protection.


Something else to keep the heat in, it’s amazing what insulating the walls and attic can do. Insulating your property is relatively affordable and definitely worthwhile. Buyers know the value of insulation and it might even bump up their price.


Whether you simply change the light bulbs or upgrade the entire fixture, lighting efficiency can really make a difference to your pocket. Energy efficient bulbs might be expensive to start with; they last so much longer than traditional bulbs that it no longer makes sense to buy them!

Energy Systems

If you think it’s worth the investment, think about whether solar panels or some other energy generation system will increase the value of your property. Solar panels can generate enough electricity for you to give back to the national grid and make yourself some money- this is definitely a point to tell potential buyers!

Don’t Forget the Marketing

There’s not much use in installing all these systems or energy saving systems if they you don’t tell anyone about them. Make sure they are included in the properties listings, and if an agent shows potential buyers around your home, make sure he knows about them too!

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