Green Home Rebuilding

Although we have seen an advance in modern building technologies, majority of us still live in pre-war buildings and the question of green remodelling becomes more and more actual. According to some marketplace estimations, we in Britain spend over 20 billion pounds on refurbishments, house improvements and rebuilding. In USA the annual spend is close to $200 billion.

A certain portion of this money goes towards green building, however, you would be amazed at how much money is still spent on hazardous materials. It is all down to changing the way of thinking. When people started talking about green home design some 30 years ago (well, actually the whole idea is ages old – think wigwams and yurts for an example of sustainable living) – environmentally friendly materials were scarce and expensive.

Today it is a whole new world and in most cases being green means to be better off. Building and remodelling a house, you look at life in a long-term perspective. And having that in mind, green design means lower expenses on maintenance and lower bills.

So, in the end, even if you spend more on green materials, you reap the fruits of being savvy afterwards.

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