Get the best out of electrical equipment whilst staying eco-friendly


You’ve just gone on a massive electrical and lighting gadget spree and you notice on the television the world’s climate change crisis and eco-system isn’t improving. Every person wants to know how to get the best out of their new household products but at the same time stay green and not go overboard with energy and electricity.

Here are a few tips on what electrical goods to buy that are eco-friendly, will save water and energy bills and will make your life less guilt free and happy!


Quick and easy showers are an obvious way to save water and money, this particular design uses a low-flow shower head which means you can adjust the speed of water you want. The Eco-friendly shower should be 5-7 minutes long and the shower should be on a low-flow power head. By all means treat yourself to a bath say, once a week!

Central Heating Controllers

Keep an eye on your central heating usage at all times, this way you can control your heating to come on and off when you’re in the house or not. Always keep your heating off when not in the house. Central Heating Controllers will help you with this!

Radiators & Heaters

Ideally you want a radiator or heater that isn’t oil filled and is only electrically powered. Only use the radiator or heater when again, you are in the house and your main central heating does not satisfy your bodies temperature! Also never leave the room with a radiator or heater on, always try and keep it to a minimal and reasonable temperature.

Wall Lighting and LED Lighting

Again with all electrical equipment turn them off when exiting the room. Also if you can, buy energy saving light bulbs and batteries for all your lights around the house. LED bulbs are the only true environmentally friendly lighting option on the market, so if you want to be more eco-friendly and kinder on your pocket, switch to LED lighting which is available here.

Switches and Sockets

There the ones we’re all guilty of forgetting to switch off, behind the sofa or behind the microwave! Once you get yourself and your family into a routine of turning everything off in time you will see the difference in your bills and your conscience.

So get the whole family involved with energy saving, every electrical product you buy can be energy saved in some way or another, it just needs a little imagination to find out how!

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