Garden Furniture: The Eco Friendliest Choices

Green Furniture by Kevin Hunt

When it comes to choosing garden furniture, eco warriors may find it difficult to find a set of outdoor table and chairs that are as kind to the environment as they wish. If you’ve created an eco-friendly garden, finding sustainable materials for your garden furniture is something that is high up on your priority list.

But finding eco friendly furniture isn’t as easy as you may think, especially if you want something stylish and something that is low maintenance and tough against the elements. If you’re unsure about what furniture to choose, take a look at a few options below:

  1. Oak furniture – timber furniture is not seen as a sustainable solution. However, oak furniture has many long term benefits for the owner including style, durability and a natural look for the garden or for the home. Oak is a fabulous luxury and it’s still got a classic, timeless style that so many homeowners love. If you are looking for oak garden furniture, try and find a supplier who imports wood from well managed forests to ensure that your furniture is as sustainable as possible.
  2. Rattan furniture – it’s great news for rattan and wicker fans. Rattan is a sustainable and natural material so rattan garden furniture is an eco friendly choice that not only supports your values but looks very stylish and elegant. This sustainable material comes from rattan palm vine which can be found growing in Asia and it can grow up to 600 feet long.
  3. Teak furniture – teak furniture has become an extremely popular choice for homeowners. Due to demand, it’s not considered to be as eco friendly as rattan. However, if sourced from managed forests or a plantation, teak can be considered to be an environmentally friendly option. Plantation teak comes from a managed growth, which is planted specifically for the purpose of forestry.

If you are looking for eco friendly furniture options or you just want to browse a range of garden / conservatory furniture that is stylish and on track with the latest home design trends, visit a Garden Furniture Centre today. They offer a vast range of garden furniture and conservatory furniture – and the majority of the wood they import is from managed forests and has been certified by Smartwood in accordance with the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council).

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