Eco Bed, Eco Home!

The centre piece in every room is the bed. Some people like to make the bed like a piece of art, decorating it from week to week with different colourful spreads and throws. It would be a great idea if one day every part of a bed was 100% recycling but scientists haven’t come to that yet so we have to make the best of what we’ve got and look after our mattress and bedding so that we don’t have to throw them away to rot into our eco-system.

That’s why we need sustainable item’s that are going to last, it is worth spending an extra few pounds for that extra bit of reliability and quality. Here are a few ways you can buy the best quality beds for a great price whilst also saving our eco-system!

Think wooden Furniture

The cheapest and best way to save your pocket and the environment is to by wooden bed frames as demonstrated in these designs. Bed frames that are coated with non-toxic stains and painted finishes are going to be the easiest and eco-friendly fit with any décor. Therefore, choosing organic materials is one of the best ways to cut the toxins you inhale while sleeping.

Bunk beds!

Bunk Bed
Bunk Bed

If you have children who are at a similar age why not get them a bunk bed and save some space in their room. More space in a room can create a positive and active atmosphere in a household, nobody wants clutter and lack of space in a living space. It’s a fun idea and the children will love climbing on them in them summer holidays. Have a look at these bunk beds to save some space in your house and also treat the kids!

Use beds with extra hidden storage space

Pull out draws underneath beds will come in handy in the same way bunk beds will, unwanted clutter gathers and creates dust which can eventually cause chest infections and coughs. Extra storage space will make a huge difference to your room’s extra new space and make you feel free from the bonds of useless clutter!

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are also easy to move round and to put away for guests!

What all four points have in common is that they all have solid sustainable wooden structures that keep the furniture strong and together. If you research yourself into how to keep your house eco-friendly you’ll be surprise and pleased with what you find!

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