Discovering Possible Antiques in Your Home


We have all seen it, the hundreds of people who come out to see if they can get on The Antiques Road Show.  Many times it is not even about getting on television that drives people there, it is that they have an old lamp, doll, watch, or some other item that was handed down to them and they want to know if it is worth anything. It is very possible that at some point you inherited something that might be worth a little or a lot of extra cash, and it is worth going through a few steps to find out.

When you find an item in your attic, basement, old box or wherever and you want to know if it is worth something there are a few things you can do. Just by looking at it you can tell enough to know if you want to take the time to find an appraiser. First, what kind of condition is it in? Is the item something that is rare; does it have any papers, markings, or anything that would show its credibility? Does it appear to be a quality item, or is the colouring off or the marking not clean?

Once you have gone through this check list it is time to find an appraiser. One option is to go online to sites like Worth Point where there are hundreds of antique items to compare your possible treasure to. The site offers ways to connect with appraisers online to ask questions, research your item, or even find an auction or sell it through their site. If you would like to find a local appraiser to actually meet with you can check places like Angie’s List, or even talk to the owner of a local antique shop and they can likely help you find someone.

Once you find out whatever information you may be looking for, you have to decide what you want to do with your antique. Surprisingly, no matter how much or little it may be worth people often to want to keep the items because there is usually some sentimental attachment. If you are going to keep your item, make sure to store it in a safe, dry, place so you have it for future generations. Kind of like the little dog ‘Lucky’ in Fort Worth who inherited a fortune of antiques when his owner died.

Finding hidden treasure in your house can be a lot of fun. It can also be fairly easy to find out just how much this treasure may be worth. Take the time to check out a few simple things and see what hidden gem you may have had in your attic all these years.

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