Crawley Welcomes 4 new Eco-Friendly Homes

With the growing concern over CO2 emissions and the rising cost of energy for the home in the UK, the government has invested in a scheme to transform 86 homes across the country into clean living, energy saving eco-wonders!

The Retrofit scheme involves giving the homes better insulation and triple glazed windows to help cut down on heating bills, LED lighting to reduce energy bills and solar panels to help the homes become more self sufficient. The home will also be kitted out with more energy efficient appliances and intelligent heating systems that learn the residents living patterns and adapts the temperature to them.

Although this green scheme is taking place all over the country the latest town to feel the benefit is Crawley, where 4 homes are taking part. All of these 4 homes are currently classed as energy insufficient but it is hoped that by the end of the remodelling the energy usage rate will drop by more than 80% in these houses, saving the residents quite a bit of money on their electric and gas bills.

All these green improvements are sure to not only greatly affect the energy bills but also the property values and even the home insurance rates. Although on a small scale to start with, this is definitely a positive step for the UK in the fight against CO2 emissions and the rising cost of gas and electric.

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