Clean Air – 80 Trees or One House

Reynobond Panels on a LA High School Campus
Reynobond Panels on a LA High School Campus
Imagine how life in big cities would change if the houses had the ability to… emh… clean the air. Mad fantasies, you say? Not really. Alcoa Architectural Products has created a process to apply titanium dioxide coating to an aluminium surface by employing Reynobond and EcoClean technology.

It can be used to create exterior aluminium panels that will attract and break down organic matter, solid pollutants and other smog-contributing substances floating in the air. The by-products are deposited on the surfaces and washed away with the rain. Thanks to the coating, the rainwater doesn’t bead and run away – it runs evenly and washes the gunk away.

Many office building are now created in aluminium and glass. Replacing conventional aluminium panels with the Alcoa‘s product, could make a big difference for the environment, besides – the house looks much cleaner and doesn’t require washing that is both awkward and expensive. As you can see from the picture, Reynobond looks absolutely stunning!

A 10,000 sq ft surface of Reynobond can kill the smog created by four cars every day. It is equivalent to 80 trees. Talking about a busy centre of a big city, it’s much easier to build an aluminium house (or coat an existing one) than to plant 80 trees. What I especially like about this product is that it is available in more than 30 colours. A yellow office building in the centre of London?

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