Benefits of Using Bamboo in Your Home


Bamboo has long been considered an incredibly diverse plant with a wide variety of human applications. It’s one of those rare powerful construction materials that can also be used in decorating and design. Recently it has also received accolades for its environmentally friendly sustainability, toxin-free durability and its aesthetic appeal. Why this lightweight evergreen plant is not utilized more in both home construction and interior and exterior decorating is a true mystery. That said, here are three principal reasons why bamboo is such an incredible material:

Bamboo is versatile. It’s rare to come across a material that can be utilized for so many different purposes. Construction, decoration, musical instruments, medicine, furniture and many others. It’s not uncommon to see bamboo poles, fishing rods, thatches, rugs, fences, blinds and flooring. Bamboo also makes a terrific textile, including cloth, yarn, and other fibers. Use bamboo for an outdoor patio or deck, a pagoda, gazebo or garden, a tiki bar, wind chimes, or a bench. There are so many creative uses of bamboo it is staggering. Painting bamboo can get a little tricky, though so you might need help from some creative residential painters.

Bamboo is green in every sense of the word. It naturally regenerates, grows quickly, requires little water, and can be harvested without making a carbon footprint or damaging the surrounding ecosystem. In fact, bamboo actually generates considerably more oxygen than most other trees. There are over 1,600 species of bamboo, giving you ample options for what kind you want to source from. Additionally, bamboo does not need to be treated by synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals (it’s just naturally beautiful) and because it grows densely, it uses land frugally.

Bamboo is strong. There’s a reason bamboo is a favorite among engineers and architects alike. It is extremely durable and resilient, more so in fact that many hardwoods. Naturally water resistant and often laminated, it rarely warps and works great as a connective material. Bamboo has been used for the construction of everything from suspension bridges, buildings, and pavilions. Many third world countries have taken to using bamboo to build new schools as well.

As you can see, bamboo is an environmentally friendly, sustainble, all-purpose material that is great for construction, design, and reliability. More and more construction projects are utilizing its strength and versatility and more designers are using it to achieve innovative aesthetic touches. Consider it for your next indoor or outdoor home project.

Disclaimer. This is a guest post by Amanda Green. She is a freelance writer who specialises in Eco Friendly products.

Pic by CPacker via CC licence

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