SoMod is your essential guide to living in a modern sustainable house without having to compromise on the quality of living. Design is my hobby and passion. I’ve built/renovated a few wooden houses. Why green? Not because I am a sort of a person chaining myself to factory chimneys. There is a bit of an activist in me, but… Building green – it is lots of fun and you’d be amazed about how much house you get for your money if choosing the methods and materials wisely.

But as you’ve noticed, this blog is not about me. It is about you! Are you a designer or an architect keen to show off your latest project? Are you a student with something up your sleeve? Doing an interesting DIY job? Recently restored a piece of furniture? Got an interesting eco product? Just fancy a chat? Please do let me know. I’m on a constant lookout for great ideas and designs. Let’s share it with other people.

You can contact me by sending e-mails to infoATsomodDOTcoDOTuk. I am based in UK (in case you’re wondering).

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