5 Tips for a Warm British Winter

As well as some pleasant late summer sun, September has already brought a distinct chill with it, and as we head into the throes of deepest winter, memories of a warming summer quickly fade into memory.

Fires, burning logs, central heating and hot water bottles are already generating comforting and warming thoughts, and winter is not a long way off.

Red British Royal Mail Postbox in Winter

Humans seem to have a natural tendency to almost hibernate when winter approaches, and closing the door on the outside world always seems like a good idea in winter.

Energy prices have soared over the last few years and many people are concerned with the costs of heating their homes this coming winter.

Pipeless electric central heating is experiencing a real boom at the moment, as electricity is much cleaner, more convenient and instantaneous. There are no pipes to fit or wires to fit with items such as Rointe electric radiators. So it’s quick and clean to install.

A warm, modern, centrally heated home is a blessing and a comfort when the mercury starts to head south, so where can you make some vital savings on your household energy bills?

  1. INSULATION: One of the primary keywords to energy saving is insulation. Certain energy companies and some high street retailers offer free insulation installation. Check online to see if you can qualify.
  2. LIGHTING: You want to try and cut the wastage associated with lighting in the home. Lighting typically accounts for eight per cent of your energy bills, so use energy-saving light bulbs and switch lights off.
  3. TURN IT DOWN: Simply by turning your thermostat down by a single degree, you could shave a massive 10 per cent off your heating bills each year. Yes, that’s 10 per cent.
  4. SHOWER: Did you know that taking a shower instead of a bath can save you loads of money? A shower uses just 20 per cent of the energy that a bath does.
  5. 5. LAG IT: Ensure that your hot water tank has a well-fitted and thick jacket, and all water pipes are lagged. And use draught excluders on exterior doors and letterboxes.

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  1. The shower vs bath debate is tricky. If one takes shower for the purpose of warming up (say, after long trip in cold weather), one might use less water taking a bath than standing under the showerhead for 30 minutes. 😉

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